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Here at Willi Footwear we have developed a unique range of thongs. We have given this Aussie icon a stylish overhaul, focusing on ‘No More Blow-outs’ and ‘Interchangeable Bases & Straps’

You will find that there are many types of ‘flip flops’ on the market, yet the only difference in the majority of this product is that the brand name has been carelessly slapped on and already existing standard product. This is known as a ‘me too’ product; when a company or brand want a share in that particular market but really have nothing special to offer the customer.

We are not a company that simply produce ‘me too’ flip flops… We are the footwear experts that have produced the ‘next evolution in flip flops’.



Way back before we even started the business, I was travelling around Europe for the Soccer World Cup. My friends and I had been dying to go to one of the beer halls in Germany only to suffer from “the dreaded thong blow-out” (when the plug snaps off the strap) within metres from the front entrance where I wasn’t allowed in because wearing only one thong (or flip flop, as they are also known) wasn’t considered appropriate footwear!

My friend and I sat out the front for a while trying some MacGyver like solutions to my problem including trying to put the strap back together with a paperclip, we borrowed a cigarette lighter off a random person and tried melting the rubber together… all to no avail… My friend ended up going in and borrowed one of our other friend’s thongs to smuggle out so I could wear them in!

A year or so later, I met my soon to be business partner who was telling me of a similar experience he had where in the space of two steps, both of his thongs had blown out, making him trip over and leaving him stranded barefoot and needing to buy a new pair.
We got together, discovered that a lot of the thongs on the market were all the same and decided they could use some improvement so we started the business and set about solving this common problem.




The ‘boomerang’ shaped plugs have a larger surface area than the usual round plugs and keep the straps firmly in place. As every thong wearer knows, there is always a chance of the dreaded ‘blow out’ occurring and always at the most inconvenient times. The boomerang plugs are designed to fit through the hole in the base but only at a certain angle. If someone accidentally steps on the heel of your base for example, the plugs are designed to pull through the hole instead of snapping off completely, causing a ‘blow out’ while you hop around wearing one thong. Instead, you should be able to push the plug back through the hole and be on your way. Of course, we don’t claim that our straps are indestructible and due to the nature of the material, the plugs can snap off. This is why it’s a good idea to have a spare set of straps at home, in your hand-bag, in your car… wherever you can easily access them, so you don’t have to worry about suffering a “blow-out”!

Change your thong straps and thong base combination yourself, as often as you like in less than 30 seconds, no tools, no fuss!

No more blow outs… just fashionable and comfortable footwear designed by you, to suit your lifestyle.



The interchangeable footwear comes in a unisex size range and consists of two styles – Regular – for those people with ‘normal’ feet, and Slim – mainly for ladies ‘narrow’ feet. Regular and slim straps can be mixed with both regular and slim bases of the corresponding size so you really can create your own!

The sizing range is unisex and is based on the US men’s size. It ranges from 4/5 in the slim up to 13/14 in the regular. Some sizes are merged as there is an insignificant length between the two measurements.

Mix and match your bases and straps whenever you like!



We launched our new interchangeable range through crowd funding site Basically, for a product such as ours, it is like pre-ordering; if people don’t want your product – they won’t order it – simple as that! We thought it would be a great way to test the viability of our product and genuinely test the market by finding out if people wanted to make a purchase.

We managed to sell $10,000 worth of product in the FIRST HOUR, $15,000 a few DAYS later, $25,000 after just one WEEK and finished the campaign with just under $40,000 in sales!

During this short period of time we also managed to gain world-wide media exposure with several news articles published, including Australia’s largest financial publication – ‘The Financial Review’ and we also appeared on the front page of the ‘Gold Coast Bulletin’.

Some of the media logos are shown below which includes international coverage from popular US website – (the article was shared over 1.6 thousand times), The Daily Mail UK, Yahoo Finance and plenty of business and fashion news and magazines as well as national radio stations such as Nova and Triple M.



06 campaign collage landscape


Quality Product Assurance – Our manufacturing partner’s facility is a family owned and run operation. High standard workplace conditions and safety audits are a regular occurrence and they maintain good working conditions. There are no under-age workers and we go there several times a year for inspections of our manufacturing facilities. The product is made without any nasty additives such as Azo-dye colours and all products are lead free.

The intellectual property of our ‘No Blow-out’ & ‘Interchangeable’ concept has been granted a patent, due to the innovative nature of the design.