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Podiatrist recommended - Arch support

Interchangeable straps - Choose your colours

Biodegradable bases - Bmz Bio-foam™



Our Kids range with interchangeable and replaceable straps
Boomerangz Thongs and Slides Australia

We've also got Slides (and Socks)!

Podiatrist recommended - Arch support

Made using the same Biodegradable bases as our thongs!

Adjustable with Velcro Straps

The Boomerangz innovative design consists of plugs that resemble a wide ‘V’ or ‘Boomerang’ shape. This allows the plugs to fold over and pull through instead of snapping off. If they do break, we'll send you a FREE set of replacement straps!

Our footwear is made using a combination of natural rubber and BMZ Bio-Foam®. This includes an organic additive that enhances the bio-degradation process. Instead of not breaking down at all or occupying the landfill space for 300 years, our product breaks down (not while on your feet, only in a biologically active landfill) in less than a year. Read more here

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Did you know?

you can get free replacement straps

Had a blowout? Plug snapped off? Eaten by your dog? Contact us and we'll send you FREE replacement straps! (Just pay shipping).

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