About our Footwear

A couple of Aussies got talking about their multiple blown-out thongs and the crazy on-the-spot ‘fixes’ people would come up with when they faced the same problem. One of the design improvements stuck and after many failed attempts, the innovative design that finally worked had plugs that resembled a wide ‘V’ or ‘Boomerang’ shape.
This allowed the straps/plugs to fold over and pull through instead of snapping off but also (as a back-up), allowed the straps to be easily replaced if they did break.

Every piece is performance tested by our team and designed to enhance value for money:

  • Designed for 'no more blowouts': Boomerangz plugs are designed to fold over and pull-through, instead of snapping off. If they do break, we replace them for you. (Please note: We can only replace straps within Australia. Ie; Send replacements to an Australian address).

  • Interchangeable bases and straps: 1 price = double the look. Value for money for the customer.

  • FREE replacement straps: Our customers receive brand new straps if they break (or get chewed up by the dog). Absolutely FREE. No receipt required. (Please note: We can only replace straps within Australia. Ie; Send replacements to an Australian address). 

  • Lifetime strap warranty: No time limits. If the straps break, we replace them. Anytime. Anywhere. No need to waste your money on a new pair. Get longer wear out of your thongs.

  • Feel good, eco-friendly footwear: Animal cruelty-free construction, using natural rubber and Bmz Bio-Foam™ with an organic additive that enhances the bio-degradation process when disposed of in a biologically active landfill. They won't be here hundreds of years later, long after they've been discarded.

  • Foot arch support: Podiatrist recommended to provide stability and balance whilst reducing foot pain with the ability to have tighter straps to prevent ‘toe clawing’.

  • Non-slip sole: Custom designed bottom tread to enhance grip on slippery surfaces.

  • Customisable fitment: If you have wide feet, you can swap the strap for a larger size. Likewise, if you have narrow feet, you can swap for a smaller size. Ensuring customers get the perfect fit.

  • Customisable colours: Mix and match your bases and straps to your outfit. Show your sporting team colours and match them for charity and organisational events.

“The most versatile flip-flop in the world”