About Us

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and live, and recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

We have all suffered from the dreaded blow out!
Then what do we do?
We buy another pair of thongs that are probably going to blow out again.
Because there was never a better alternative. Until now...
At Boomerangz, we are driven by our passion for innovation. We aim to create the perfect pair of thongs and by solving the number one problem, faced by thong wearers - the blow out! We are certainly heading in the right direction. Add in the Foot Arch recommended by Podiatrists, our lifetime strap warranty, customised fitment, interchangeable straps, recyclable straps, animal cruelty-free construction, vegan friendly materials and enhanced biodegradable bases that are better for the environment. We believe we have the most versatile and complete thong on the market. We won’t stop here though, we will continue to strive for innovation, to inspire and add value to our customers lives wherever we can, with that true Aussie spirit and ingenuity.

We weren't the first people to complain about 'blow-outs'... And we won't be the last. This is just one story of why we wanted to innovate.

 Imagine you are back-packing around Europe in the Summer with your best mates. The much-awaited plan for the day is to go to one of the iconic German Beer Halls. As you approach the entrance, you are pumped! Full of excitement… And then BAM! Metres from the security guard, you are the victim of the dreaded “blow-out” (when your flip-flop strap breaks). You embarrassingly trip over and look like a massive idiot, even though you haven’t had any beers and are totally sober! You are denied entry to the Beer Hall as you now don’t have the appropriate footwear!
After hearing many similar stories and one too many attempts at a “MacGyver-like” solution to fix so many wasted pairs of flip flops, “Boomerangz Footwear” was born.
Inspired by the Australian landscape, eco-friendly ideas, indigenous culture, innovation, design, a relaxed and enjoyable way of life - with a mission to be:

“The most versatile flip-flop in the world”



Proudly 100% Australian Owned

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While the material ingredients and our manufacturing come from other parts of the world (USA and China), this is only a small part of our business. We remain a 100% Australian owned company and use the services and products of many hard-working Aussies all over the country. We have searched high and low but can't manufacture our products here as we simply don't have the resources (ie; the machinery, the materials, the factories). People often think it's a "price" thing, but no, we simply don't know of anywhere in Australia that can manufacture our custom designed, patented and unique thongs. Do you? Please get in touch.

From our small Aussie business, employees and our families:
You might not know it, but you’re supporting a lot of other Aussie businesses, individuals, workers and their families by purchasing our innovative footwear.
We couldn’t fit them all, but here are a few that say:


• Our product designers and developers
• Rubber testing lab workers
• A family owned and operated shipping company based in Brisbane
• Quality control staff and their families
• Warehouse staff, pick and pack workers
• Freight truck drivers
• Small courier services
• Our sign writers
• Independent sales agents and their families from every state and territory in Australia
• A small, family owned print-shop
• Our accountant and his family
• A local marketing and promotions company and her young family
• Our landlords, a wonderful couple that allow us to rent their storage facility
• A small, Gold Coast website development business and their employees
• Several photographers and videographers from all over the country
• Large companies like Australia Post and Telstra that probably don’t rely much on us, but they employ a lot of hard-working people
• A local Business Insurance company
• Our intellectual property and trademark attorney and his staff
• GS1 Australia, who provide our barcodes
• Hero Packaging who provide our satchels
• A lot of local coffee shops and their employees in our area that keep us energised through-out the day
• Plus many more small Australian businesses all over the country