Podiatrist Recommended

Our feet come in all shapes and sizes. This is just a guide. Consult your own Podiatrist if you're having issues with your feet to see if our thongs are a good fit for you.

"Everywhere you look in warm, sunny Far North Queensland you will see a pair of thongs on someone’s feet (if anything at all). As a podiatrist, it can be quite hard to get consumers into appropriate footwear in this hot and humid environment. When a client is reluctant to wear any footwear during their first consultation, edging them into a pair of thongs is considered a great win. If you’re wearing thongs, why not wear the best? Wear Boomerangz!

I have been wearing Boomerangz for over two (2) years now and I have not looked back once. Living in the North, giving your feet the chance to breathe is desired. As a podiatrist you are always looking for something that is comfortable, supportive, and hopefully fashionable (this is a very hard combination to line up). Boomerangz give you all day comfort and the benefits of additional arch support, without an ugly orthotic thong.

This accommodative footwear, made from a light and comfortable, yet durable material have a built in arch, tighter foot straps in varying sizes and an elevated heel allowing for undeniable and unrivalled comfort and style.

Walking barefoot on hard surfaces tends to leave our feet feeling sore and tired. Boomerangz are light and comfortable yet provide protection when walking around the house. Boomerangz help to absorb the impact on each step reducing the chances of painful feet at the end of the day.

The additional arch support provides a more even distribution of plantar pressures meaning that there will not be specific sore points on the bottom of your foot.

With different sized forefoot straps that tend to be slightly tighter than other brands, means a decrease in ‘clawing toes’ and a reduction in tendon pain and tired feet.

The elevated heel takes stress off the Achilles tendon which means that there is less pulling of muscles and tendons not only in the calves but also along the bottom of your feet. When the muscles and tendons are under less stress, they can work more efficiently meaning longer lasting comfort.

At the end of the day, having a foot arch integrated into the base is much better than all other standard thongs, but when you combine the arch support with Boomerangz interchangeable straps, the ability for a customised fit and the environmentally friendly element, Boomerangz are the only thongs I wear and recommend to my clients."

Leigh Ryan
Podiatrist. B. APPSC. M. POD., M. A. POD. A.
Exercise Physiologist. B. EXSCI
Volunteer Lifesaver and 2018 World Champion Lifesaver

"Boomerangz inbuilt arch support and interchangeable straps make them an obvious and easy recommendation for patients looking for healthy 'thongs'. As a sports physiotherapist it's important that many of my patients have an appropriate thong option as part of their footwear wardrobe."
Brad Beer
Physiotherapist. B. Exercise Science | Physiotherapy
APA Title Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist
Super League Triathlon Series Head Physio
Best selling Author 'YOU CAN RUN PAIN FREE!'
Founder POGO Physio
Host of the 'Physical Performance Show Podcast'