LIVIN x Boomerangz


Boomerangz have teamed up with well-known mental health charity LIVIN to raise funds for mental health programs to support young Australians and promote the message;
"Every journey begins with a single step, it ain’t weak to speak."

We want to encourage people to take that metaphoric first-step of talking to someone about their mental health issues.

Boomerangz are urging people to step into Mental Health Awareness all-year-round, in a pair of LIVIN thongs! Proceeds from every purchase go to LIVIN to support Aussies struggling with mental health.



The work that do to tackle mental health is phenomenal and we wanted to join their mission and help spread their vision which they do through the development of cutting edge education programs, apparel, and community awareness initiatives.

For each life lost to suicide, the impact is felt by up to 135 people, including family members, work colleagues, friends, and first responders at the time of death. The number of deaths by suicide in young Australians is the highest it has been in 10 years, and LIVIN Co-Founder, Sam Webb, says stigma and embarrassment remain a significant barrier to getting help.

“No matter what it is you’re struggling with, I encourage you to take that first step and speak with someone, anyone. Often it’s the hardest step but the most rewarding step in the right direction.”

Do you or someone you know need to chat? Please click this link below! Even if you personally need help, it is extremely beneficial to know what to say and what to recommend to your friends and loved ones.



 LIVIN was founded on the Gold Coast, Australia in honour of a great man Dwayne Lally who like many others took his life after living in silence from a mental illness. LIVIN is all about living your life at the top and breaking the stigma around mental health. Connecting, supporting and encouraging one another to talk about their feelings and challenges because “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”. Through the development of cutting edge education programs, apparel and community awareness initiatives, LIVIN are launching a generational change. Let’s unite to help people start LIVIN again.

For more information on identifying mental health struggles in yourself or those around you, head to